Originally Published 2.11.2019


We celebrated our 6th Annual Jewish Federation's Men's Philanthropy Annual Community Campaign Fund event on Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at the Columbia Memorial Space Center in the City of Downey, CA.


We started the program taking a moment for the NASA Day of Remembrance, which is for those who lost their lives in the duty of space flight. Including Israeli Astronaut Colonel Ilan Ramon, from the Columbia Space Shuttle accident.


The evening serves as an opportunity to honor local men who go above and beyond in support, and leadership, throughout our community and are nominated by their agencies and synagogues. "It is always so great to honor these men from our community and share their good deeds with all. I for one, met many new people and learned things about them I would otherwise not know. Makes me very proud to be part of this community," stated Thomas Nantais, Above and Beyond, Co-Chair.


The evening benefits the Alpert JCC, JFCS, The Hebrew Academy, Long Beach Hillel, Jewish Federation & Jewish Community Foundation. and the Weinberg Jewish Federation Campus. Contributions to the Annual Campaign Fund Event also provides grants to Birthright Israel, PJ Library and many other programs in Israel and around the world. Stuart Friedman shared his thoughts on the upcoming merger between the Jewish Federation and the Jewish Community Foundation, and the importance of the great work of the honorees, and what it means for our community going forward. Marcos Weinstein, Above and Beyond, Co-Chair states "Perfect topic at the perfect time. Mission forward, to the future is what we are all about."

Photos Credit: Jessie Butler