20 2024

Advocating for Survival

3:00PM - 5:00PM  

Alpert Jewish Community Center 3801 E. Willow Street, One Sommer Way
Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Jewish Federation Campus
Long Beach, CA

Monday | May 20 | 3 PM | Free
In partnership with LA Supports Kfar Azza

We invite you to attend this special opportunity to hear from 4 young survivors of the October 7th attack in Israel. Listen to their tales of survival and enjoy desserts, coffee, and tea.

Please RSVP.


The survivors coming are in their 20s, part of what’s called the “Young Generation” of Kibbutz Kfar Azza. Their neighborhood in the Kibbutz (where people live by age group) is the focal point of some of the most famous images that have come out of Kfar Azza – tragically, most of the group was either kidnapped or killed on October 7th. 4/5 hostages who are still in Gaza are from the group. Three of the individuals coming were in Kfar Azza on 10/7, and the fourth was in his apartment in Tel Aviv, where he ran a “command center” to direct soldiers to save families in the kibbutz. Miraculously, he saved his parents, whose home was completely burnt. One of the survivors saved her father’s life by creating a tourniquet with a cell phone charger.