19 2023

Long Beach Stands with Israel Solidarity Gathering

4:00PM - 6:00PM  

Long Beach Civic Center 411 W Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90802

At the Dec 19 City Council Meeting, the Long Beach City Council will consider adopting a proclamation to support a ceasefire. Wear blue and join us for a peaceful gathering to show the Long Beach City Council its citizens and local Jewish community stand with Israel. 






Before Arriving 

Plan to arrive early, to find parking and a safe route to the location.  

Carry minimal personal belongings. Bring only what you need (identification, mobile phone, keys) and ideally carry these items in a front pocket or a cross-body bag.  If you are carrying a bag, ensure that it does not contain anything that could be considered a weapon (including pocketknives, lighters, and matches).   

Travel to the event in groups if possible.  It will make parking easier and will make you less of a target for any potential criminal element. 


At the Location 

Ideally, there will be separate areas for pro-Israel and anti-Israel groups to gather. Even if this is not the case, try to maintain a physical separation from anti-Israel groups.  

Realize and respect everyone’s First Amendment rights to gather and speak freely, even if you don’t agree with what they are saying. 

Do not respond to negative comments, even as you feel a strong urge to reply and state or defend your position.  Maintain a positive position and demeanor.  You do not need to engage with anyone.  You do not owe anyone a response.  Take the high road. 

Be situationally aware!  Look out for any concerning behavior, activity or environment and report it. 


When Leaving 

Continue to travel in groups for safety.  Continue to not engage with supporters of differing positions.  

If you feel you are being followed, take an action to clarify, such as stop walking or returning to the meeting location to see if the person continues to follow you.  If you confirm you are being followed, travel to a place of safety, which could be back to the meeting location.  You could ask for a police escort to your vehicle.  You could tell the person firmly, but respectfully, not to follow you.  Be content to wait until it is safe for you to leave.  Once you make it safely to your vehicle, lock the doors as soon as possible and depart swiftly. 

If you feel you are in danger, call 9-1-1.  Note your location and be ready to describe what is happening.