Why I Give: Young Leaders

Why I Give

Hear about why these young leaders are so passionate about Federation.

“There is something for everyone at Federation. No dollar goes further in helping people.” -- Bryan Drowos


“I get so much more out of giving, on a personal level, knowing that I’m doing something in my small capacity to make the world a better place.” -- Josh Green


“That’s the highest form of tzedakah -- giving a gift to someone you’ll never know and that they’ll never know you gave it. Federation allows you to do that every day.” -- Alison Lebovitz


With each gift, Jewish Federation addresses so many causes that are important to our community, from feeding the hungry to funding Jewish education and elder care to supporting breakthrough initiatives. Federation means something different to everyone, yet remains the fabric of our Jewish community. Here are some of the reasons that these young leaders choose to give their time, energy and dollars to Jewish Federation.