Originally Published 12.19.2019
Arlene Solomon Visions 

Jewish Long Beach Women's Philanthropy welcomes women from throughout our community to join us for an evening of music, wine, food and friendship. We have an exciting program highlighting the amazing work of Violins of Hope.

Violins of Hope was created to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.  The private collection of more than 60 violins, violas and cellos were rescued from the ashes of the Holocaust.  The instruments have been restored so they can continue to tell the story of the role of Jewish music - particularly violins - in history.

Upon entering the auditorium at this year's Visions, you will be transported to a "symphony hall" with elegant, candlelit tables.  Dress for the symphony in black and white, if you wish, and enjoy a gourmet dinner.  The program will include a special performance by a master violinist from the Long Beach Symphony and we will hear from guest speaker Susanne Reyto, chair of the Violins of Hope Los Angeles County.

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