Safety & Security

Security Trainings

BeAware Training

BeAware, SCN’s Introduction to Situational Awareness Course, will teach you how to recognize suspicious or potentially dangerous behavior and threats, and what to do – whether you are in a synagogue, at school, or going about your day. Designed for every member of the community, no background in security is required. The course will cover the basics of situational awareness and how to help protect yourself, your family, and your community.

Countering Active Threat Training (CATT)

A comprehensive training program to counter an active threat event developed for faith-based institutions and houses of worship, but applicable to all active threat events wherever they are encountered.

Stop The Bleed

This training is designed to provide community members with the skills to save lives by applying emergency first aid to control bleeding.

If you see something, say something

Use the incident reporting form to inform the SCN Duty Desk of:

  • Suspicious activities, people and vehicles
  • Unusual events or incidents 
  • Dangerous situations 
  • Suspicious communications (text messages, phone calls, voice mail messages, emails, letters or packages, etc…)

Please note, true emergencies should be reported to police via 911 immediately.

Community Security Director Meredith Burke

Meredith Burke joined the Secure Community Network (SCN) in 2022 as Community Security Director for Jewish Long Beach. In her role, Burke will coordinate with federal, state, and local law enforcement, and nonprofit, public, private, and other stakeholder organizations on community safety and security matters. In addition, she will provide training, consultation, assistance with grant applications, and serve as a liaison during crisis response and mitigation efforts.

Before joining SCN, Burke served as a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 21 years. Prior to her FBI service, Burke worked as an attorney at an international trial and litigation law firm. She earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy and political science from the University of Michigan and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Minnesota.

Beyond serving as the most senior supervisory special agent in the FBI’s Long Beach office, Burke has been a resident and active community member of Long Beach since 2002.

Contact Meredith: | (562) 426-7601 ext. 1517


How often have you made an observation and thought, “Somebody ought to do something about that!”? Maybe this occurs daily. Now, how often have you thought, “I can do something about that!”? Taking steps to help ensure a safe environment for ourselves and others is everyone’s responsibility. We are stronger when we work together and with everyone’s wellbeing in mind.

If you have attended BeAware training, perhaps you have already made it a habit to look for the nearest and a backup exit in every room you find yourself. If you have attended Countering Active Threat training, perhaps your habit also now includes looking for the best place to hide and items you could use to fight. (If these are not your habits, attend an upcoming training! Visit security to learn more.) These are two good examples of taking control of your own personal security. Now, what can you do to help others?